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Bienvenido a Casa Ogo
a Chamorro (Guamanian) Home in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Casa Ogo was built by Stacey Ogo in tribute to her family which has origins in a very far away part of the Pacific Ocean – equally close to the equator – the tiny Pacific Island of Guam.

Stacey always loved the ocean, warm weather and a slower paced tropical life – she always knew she was destined to live life with a hammock & the ocean within arm’s reach… a part of her thick island blood and heritage perhaps…

After taking a heritage trip to Guam in January 2020 with her Brother Joseph (Joey) Ogo (Mo2), Brother Joshua, and Daughter Maxine (Maxx)…. So many things became even clearer to Stacey about what her next phase of life needed to include.

Carmen Baza Ogo, one of the most amazingly generous & kind souls in the universe, the matriarch of all matriarch’s; Stacey’s grandmother had suffered many different ways and times in her life and was not able to return to her homeland of Guam – although the ranch she grew up on remains in the family. 

Always a daddy’s girl, raised by her father Jose Baza Ogo (Mo1) through his many different construction businesses, spending many summers on construction sites – it was always Stacey’s dream and goal to have her dad build her dream house. 

grandma ogo guam early 1940's_edited.jpg

Jose (Joe) Baza Ogo, a Veteran of the Vietnam War in the U.S. Army - battled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for all of Stacey’s life – but always managed to own businesses, homes, and to provide a crazy but good life for his kids.  Unfortunately, when his kids grew up – Jose lost his way.  He lived on the streets and served as a homeless advocate while being homeless himself – dedicated to caring for others living on the streets.  His life was tragically stolen in 2010, by the hands of others – while he was on the verge of getting into a rehab program.  Stacey maintained contact with her father during his struggle on the streets, but never fully understood his struggle until he was physically taken from this world and she spent time with those he was helping on the streets.

Dad Army Official Pic_edited.jpg

Stacey felt called to return to Guam to create a healing space in honor and in memory of her beloved grandmother Carmen Baza Ogo and her tragically departed Father Jose Baza Ogo.

The universe had different plans for how this was to come to fruition…

Grandma and Dad in Guam_edited.jpg


Fast forward years after years of working on living fully and healing, Stacey found herself drawn to Nicaragua.  Always dreaming of living on a beach in a small fishing village… her angels led her to an opportunity to land in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua where she could build her dream house on the beach.

As things evolved, Guest Apartments and a Yoga Palapa became part of the equation…. And the healing space that Stacey envisioned in early 2020 started to take shape in a different, warm, inviting, and magical space that we are happy to share with you.

In memory and in honor of Carmen Baza Ogo, an incredibly beautiful energy has been at this space since Stacey was first drawn to it.  And Jose (Mo1) was definitely a part of the crazy construction process that takes place when building a house in a 3rd world country.

Stacey came here and built and lived on the property through construction on her own physically – but attributes all the miracles of pulling this place together to her army on the other side, leading her here, creating a beautiful, healing energy and vibe as many guests for Yoga and Vacations have already shared in.

 Mo2, Stacey & Mo1

From our family to yours we invite you to come and relax and enjoy the beauty of people of Nicaragua, the warmth of the sun, the ocean, the people, and the healing energy that we intend to share with you, and whatever else it is you hope to cultivate and be inspired to do.

Grandma Ogo_edited.jpg


Carmen Baza Ogo

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